We think of paradise as the original garden, so perfect it needed and wanted no human intervention.  Nature, untouched by human hands, was everything.  Now our gardens are where we intersect nature.  This series is about that intersection of the natural and the human.

In making our gardens, we leave our mark or at least try to.  We work to fit nature into our mold.  So far, no matter what we do, nature always has the upper hand.  Her energy and growth push into whatever we place in her path.  It is this meeting between the force of nature and human revision and control that interests me.  These paintings are about nature as a verb and as a force more than about the specific gardens themselves.  Sensations such as  writhing, surging, looming, merging and arching are intrinsic to these scenes.    

Along with exploring this expansion of nature, these paintings play with a balance between spatial depth and flatness.  Last but not least, the series focuses on paint as an obvious and sensuous element in and of itself equally as much as a tool of description.